Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

We had such a busy and fun Mother's Day Weekend.

Festivities started Saturday w/ celebrating Mother's Day w/ the Lozano's.
We met for lunch in Concord and then spent some time after at the park

During lunch Cameron started getting bored. We tried to give him all the toys we brought w/ us and the only thing that made him happy was my sunglasses!

This is my "actress caught pushing child in stroller pose"

With the family (minus Uncle Nelson who was taking the picture..)

Cameron and Lolo

Sunday celebrations started in the morning. Brunch w/ my two favorite boys. Cameron was in such a good mood that morning. We all had a good time.

That afternoon we met up w/ the "Solomon's" at the park in Benicia

Testing out the water w/ daddy

Being kissed by his very loving cousin Zoe (he wasn't too thrilled about the kissies)

Hanging out w/ mommy while we watched the other kids swim

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