Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HIHIHI Snort Snort

Here is Cameron pushing Teddy w/ a message for you...

I'm so happy w/ only 3 days to my party! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots to remember today

1. He figured out how to crawl down our big bed.
2. Handsfree sippy
3. He figured out how to unbuckle himself from his highchair (thank goodness he couldn't push the button hard enough).
4. He took 2 steps towards me!!!

I wish I had a camera for all the things that happened today...

The Handsfree Sippy

We have started transitioning C to a sippy cup. It was going pretty well until he decided he was too tried to hold the cup.. I made the mistake of laughing out loud (hey you would too if you saw this), and so now he thinks he's going to be a jokester and play...oh great..we have a long way to go....


Ok so I suck......

With only a few days left before Cam turns one. I am on a mission to update his blog. I forgot when was the last time I logged on, and it was in January-to say that I was going to update it then...oh geez...I have a lot of work ahead of here it goes!!!